Dr. Glenn Coullard

Dr. Glenn Coullard


Born and raised in Franklinton, LA. He attended L.S.U. where he earned his Bachelor of Science Degree. Dr. Coullard completed his education at the University of Houston, College of Optometry. 

Right after college, as a Doctor of Optometry, he was awarded a teaching fellowship with the University of Houston. He enlisted in the Army Medical Services Corps as the Chief of the Optometry Services while also holding his rank as Captain at Fort Lee, Virginia. 

He has had membership of both the Louisiana State Association and the American Optometric Association where he held status as a key person. Also, he belonged to the Junior Chamber of Commerce and Lions Club International where he served term as President in these organizations and has had multiple opportunities to serve as an expert witness for the Louisiana State Attorney’s Generals Office.

He pursued more schooling and learning and currently works as a practitioner with knowledge in glaucoma operations, photodynamic treatment, therapeutic updating, and refractive surgery and contact lenses. Dr. Coullard is part of the staff at the medical clinic of Angola State Penitentiary.  

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